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Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Complicate Life ♥

To my beloved readers,
There shall be an announcement to all of u,
I will not be blogging in this particular blog anymore,
cuz i have shifted to another new blog account.
I will not delete this old blog of mine cuz there is an attachment between me and it.
Just joking hehe, i just dont wan to delete it as i have created lots of memories in it.
Thanks to all of you who have been following my blog. ^^
I will blog in my new blog as usual.
Please visit it at the link below =)
U are all welcome

My World My Life

11:12 PM

Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Complicate Life ♥

I super love this picture,cuz the dolphin in it is super duper cute!!As you see it is actually kissing you >W< I love dolphin a lot and wish that 1 day i can be a dolphin in my next future huhu~

Gotta stop building castle in the air and get back to reality. Time passes just in a flash of light. 1st week of my 3rd sem has passed and i still left 7 weeks to go for this short sem itself. Omg~ seriously time waits for no men and men are always rushing for time. First of all,i wanna thank god for that i have pass all my subject last sem and i am really grateful for that. I was seriously in red zone for one of my sub and luckily i pass that sub. A large stone was lifted in my heart. Now,i shall start to focus more on my studies and improve my cgpa. Arhh~ my  words always speaks louder than my actions. =.= I dont keep my promise always and that's why i always dont progress. Screw myself. 

And i love this short sem very much. It is not that i have just 2 sub but others have 1 sub oni (but im happy with it though ^^ ) and another thing is that , i simply luv my marketing lecturer  =) For all this while,i dont simply luv my lecturers. For me they are all transparent  =X. But for this particular lecturer,he is awesome to the max.I luv his way of lecturing rather than the old,common,boring and can put me to sleep lectures. Ya,i admit i can really sleep during boring lectures,where my eyes will automatically close when they are too focus on the slides @@ dooze off . Sad case~ 

This week itself,i have my 1st time experience to the cyber cafe.Oops~cc sounds like a not gud place for girls. But please, this perception is just half correct half wrong haha. Went to cc with my girl frens for the 1st time and we played  Left 4 dead 2. I dont play online games and they are just not my cup of tea (jz jk  =P ) But my 1st time experience with my girl frens is fun and nice. We enjoy killing zombies at cc whee~  Just try to put yourself in the situation in the game and there you know what's the fun of it XD  杀啊!

Watch 4 movies this week itself. Break my record for the 1st time watching so many movies in a week. Thanks to boyfie for bringing me to watch them all.And thanks for always comforting me and making me happy whenever i am emo. I dont deny that i get angry easily with no reason sometimes,sorry for my bad temper. He can really stand with my attitude sometimes and i am really touch for that. I will love you more,my boy  

Japan is having a tremendous disaster right now
thousands are likely dead or missing
lets pray together for them

My World My Life

11:33 PM

Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Complicate Life ♥

 It's been a great tripping with ma buddies this holiday. My 1st week of hols was so dull and awful cuz i was like a living dead person in the house.Slipping was my greatest hobby and i hate it most =.= I am really a lazy girl during holiday.Even my dad cant even stand my laziness.So,in order to preventing further nagging, i volunteer to wash my car porch and clean the house that day haha. As a daughter of the house, i have the responsibility of doing so ,summore dad has sponsor me to go Sg.  Had a 4 days and 3 nites stay at JB and Singapore this week itself. I can really say that,it is really a tiring yet awesome vacation with my gang. I wont be crapping much here cuz it kinda late right now,so i shall let the pics tell u the whole vacation.  =)

1st day at Danga Bay,JB 

luv this pic with mushroom  ^^

2nd day 
heading to Singapore  =)

this small shop serves delicious fish fillet meehoon
and it really taste great  =)

models at Orchard Road  =)

at Raffles 

singapore nite view is really breath-taking  

3rd day at Universal Studio

i cant believe i was there haha  XD

wendy and me with puss in boots
it is much cuter in movie haha

arhh~i dare myself to sit this
 was so scare when i sat on it cuz it has no handle to grab myself on  @@
but the ride was tremendously awesome
i nearly screamed my lungs out  XD

wore rain coat for the Jurassic park boat ride
and the rain coat cost S$ 2 
the rain coat should help us prevent from getting wet 
but it is just not working on it
all of us get wet though  =.= 

madagascar  =)

woody woodpecker 
my childhood cartoon  =)

we tried to jump many times 
but all v got is just us preparing to jump lols

It all ends with a happy trip. Im so glad i step my foot into Universal studio and it was a dream come true. What else more is that i have my gang of frens together. But im sorry to 2 of my girl frens as we did not meet up according to the plan.I really feel bad but i just cant do anything to help up and contact them. Sorry....
Holidays is ending and college is reopening soon. And now is the time to get myself nervous and worry about my results.I had really bad feelings about them and even once had a bad dream and i was waken up by a sudden shock when i as sleeping. Nobody understand me most but me myself. All i can hope is just that all my subject will pass and there is no other expectation i wan more than that. Pray*

Sometimes being a human being is really hard,
sometime we try to be nice to people around us,
but sometimes people may think that we are fake.
so,just try to be yourself afterall

我想要的那片天空 ,你是不是能够给我


My World My Life

1:11 AM

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Complicate Life ♥

It's time to introduce a new korean girls group.  ^^
They are  the  5 dolls.
4 of these girls are from CO-ED school and now these girls have their own mini album.
There is also 1 new girl member added.
Oww~i super luv their songs very much.
It just makes me wanna listen to it zillion times~
Their choreography is also great and cute.
The main difference between them and other kpop girls group is they dont show any sexiness in them.
and thats what i like about them  ^^
enjoy their songs

Their life stage performance

I am so sorry if u have find out that my utube videos file size is bigger than my blog outline ><
I dunno why it is like this ,
does anyone has a clue for it?
but i will try my best to find out the problem and fix it  gosh~
sorry ^^"

My World My Life

1:07 PM

Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Complicate Life ♥

Ooppssy daissy~im sick again huh....Just recover from my sore throat and fever last week and this week i have both them again.Is this a curse or something?! Dont blame others but blame myself lar.Just recover from my sore throat but without any second thought of myself,i went jonker to have that irresistible cendol~ Long time dint have the chance to bring myself there but last week i had  XD  Go a date with liping to jonker to have laksa and cendol.Hoot hoot,that feeling was great with my best fren ..But but,the result of that is my throat is sick again and im having a terrible time rite now seriously. TT  I DISLIKE sore throat arghhh~

Officially finish my finals but i dont have that relieve feeling.This time's finals is driving me crazy but i do hope that i can pass and that's enough for me.Pray hard.

Happy belated valentines day girls and boys.I know is kinda too late for this wish but everyday is always valentines for everyone.Had a memorable valentine's this year.Boyfie had 2 exams that day itself and im very sorry for him cuz he is very tire but still wanted to celebrate. Went to many restaurants but all were fully book.Now oni  i knew that v'day is quite a very popular day to celebrate for. Luv u dar  ♥  ^^

my valentine's gift from him ♥ 

My World My Life

11:40 PM